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It is ALWAYS wise to wait on God. Why?

First, it is always wise to WAIT because God gives clear direction only when we are willing to wait. Remember, God’s TRUE children do NOT operate like the world operates.
Immediate satisfaction describes worldly society. But we, as TRUE believers, must live in a way that pleases God, NOT insisting on or demanding instant comfort from our pain.

We should never take hints from the world, but instead from our Lord Jesus. We should ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” If He would not think, do or say it, we had better not either! He will ALWAYS give us clear direction, whether it is guidance for daily living or making a large, life changing decision. Much to the distress of so many, He seldom does it quickly. We must wait until He is ready to give direction. Psalm 32:8 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. (KJV) . . . We must patiently wait until He is ready to guide us. I know it’s hard. God never tells us that the waiting would be easy. But dear one, it is absolutely worth the wait!

Second, it is always wise to WAIT, for God uses that time to get us in step with Him.Being in step with the Lord’s timing gives us a sense of deep down peace. But, like so many, we tend to run ahead of Him, trying to decide how to make our choices work. But dear one, instead of peace, you shall feel chaos and confusion. Walk side by side with Jesus, do NOT run ahead!

Third, it is always wise to WAIT because God uses that time to prepare us for the answer. As earthly parents, we don’t give our children everything they ask for. Sometimes we know that the timing isn’t right. How much more our heavenly Father knows this for His children. He waits until we are able to handle the blessing with grace and trust.

Fourth, it is always wise to WAIT because waiting increases and strengthens our faith. Sometimes we may THINK that our faith is on the top rung of the ladder, and say to ourselves, “Okay, Lord, You can act now” . . . when in fact our faith needs to be increased (Lk.17:5). We must learn that the Lord wants only the best for us, and that patience is a virtue!

Fifth, it is always wise to WAIT because God gets our attention and sifts our motives. While we wait and pray for the Lord to act on our behalf, we must really consider our motives. Why do we really want what it is that we are asking of the Lord? Do we want it to get more money or power? We must remember that money is the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10), and that IF we allow the Lord to sift through our motives, the truth will surface . . . be it good or bad. Dear one, it is amazing what we can learn about ourselves through this waiting period.

So it is ever so wise to wait because:
1. He will give us clear direction.
2. He gets us in step with Himself.
3. He prepares us for what He has in store for us.
4. He increases and strengthens our faith.
5. He gets our attention and sifts our motives.

Waiting is one of the more difficult things to do in the Christian life. Waiting is never wasted time because the Lord teaches us His path, changes our circumstances, keeps us side by side and in step with Him, He prepares us for His answers, and He uses our waiting time to go through our motives with a fine-tooth comb and He increases and strengthens our faith. WHY are we always so anxious to hurry the Lord when He wants to bless us in all these ways?

With all the blessings of waiting, WHY are we always in such a hurry to rush ahead as if we do not have a trustworthy God? May I suggest that we all pause with patience, and slow our lives down as we wait for the Lord to act in our lives. We will be amazed with what the Lord is doing while we wait for Him and watch Him work.


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The BIBLE has the answer